About ME

Hi, my name is Sakura. 

I'm half Austrian, half Japanese, I grew up in the U.S. until I was a teenager before moving back to Europe, and returned later to go to college in LA. I speak English, German, Japanese and some French. 

I'm a teensy bit obsessed with healthy food – actually, very obsessed haha. When I cook at home, I only use 100% organic ingredients, and all my dishes are always refined sugar free and dairy free and as healthy as I can possibly make them! I love to experiment so much I normally just use recipes to be inspired, before doing what I have in my head, which I think has somehow helped me develop my own way of making food and combining flavors.

I've always been a passionate home cook. I always cooked for my family at home experimenting with different foods and flavors. Most of the time when people ask me how I made something or what I put in it, I never knew exactly what I did! It was always just made up in my head, in the moment. So that's why I decided to make this blog! Now my friends and family and boyfriend know exactly what I am actually doing in the kitchen!

Although I grew up eating a quite healthy diet, meaning that we usually cooked our own food and had a diverse diet, I was never too concerned about the exactness of what I was eating, or just generally how much it matters. In my late teens I started thinking about what made really yummy food and I realized that it was not only important how it tastes, but also what is in it. Once I fully realized that we eat makes up a big part of our holistic health and the health of the planet, I couldn't help thinking about what I was eating.

In general, I love everything creative. I'm passionate about finding the best ingredients to create really good food.  Every meal I prepare is made with 100% organic ingredients only. All my recipes are sugar free and dairy free and ALWAYS HEALTHY!

I hope you enjoy my recipes and that maybe they'll inspire you too.

Thank you for visiting!